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79th Season

2014 - 2015

Pops in the (Park) Gym

Because of the weather forecast, the concert was held in the New Philadelphia High School Gymnasium.

Pictures from the concert

The concert was sponsored in part by The Times Reporter, The John & Orlena Marsh Foundation, RTY, and Dutchman Hospitality Group, Inc.

2014-2015 | 79th Season

Pops in the Park - Aug 31
Eric's Birthday Bash - Nov 8

Messiah - Dec 7

Yuletide Celebration: Christmas Reverie - Dec 13

Turning Up the Heat - Feb 14

Mozart: Marvelous! - Mar 14

Honor Band and the Left Hand - April 18

Franc D'Ambrosio's BROADWAY - June 6


Thanks for a great 2013-2014 season!


Dear Tuscaffiliates: A spectacular finish to a remarkable season! ...And how exciting to play for a packed house and a most enthusiastic audience - the Classic Country concert has made a name for itself and for us in the community and plans are already underway for the next installment. We have hit on a terrific combination of local talent (with the long-distance addition of my old friend Richie Travers), traditional and new material to create, I think, a most satisfying experience for all concerned. Fred Morden's "Shenandoah" is a splendid addition to our repertoire and we'll be seeing and savoring that again to be sure. Thanks for your cooperative and committed collaboration! Now, an interval away from rehearsing and performing, but filled with planning and anticipation of the coming season. See you around Labor Day.  Eric Benjamin

If you missed last night's performance of 'Shenandoah,' then I promise that your bucket list just got one item longer. It was the most magnificent, soaring, epic thing I have heard from that stage this season. Do yourself a favor - don't miss another Tuscarawas Philharmonic concert. Ever. Or you'll hate yourself for being left behind while I rhapsodize about the mind-blowing musicianship drowning the stage in musical glory. Mike Thorn

Pictures of most of the concerts are available here.


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