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Concerts are held at the new
Performing Arts Center at
Kent State Tuscarawas

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78th Season

2013 - 2014

May Festival
May 17, 2014 | 7:30 pm


The Tuscarawas Philharmonic
May Festival

An Original Eric J Benjamin Work, Danced Onstage


Celebrate spring, light-hearted fun, and the Philharmonic's vital connection with the youth in our area schools as we feature the Tuscarawas Dance Arts Center students and also the Philharmonic's own James Perone.

Perone: "Joel’s Journey to  the Jewelled City"
James Perone, clarinet

Ravel: Music from the Mother Goose Ballet

Benjamin: "Red and the Culinary Carnivore" OR "A Wolf in Chef's Clothing"
featuring the Tuscarwas Dance Arts Center

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